Dreams Do Come True

It’s 2am, on Saturday night, and I just got home from a concert. I am tired, but honestly I am just too excited to be able to sleep. I am having one of those moments where you truly just feel blessed. Where you analyze what you just experienced, and you feel so happy and grateful. This is what I always dreamed of, and I want to share it with you.

I’ll go back in time a bit so you know a little more about my story. When I was 14 years old I had the biggest crush on Pee Wee, who was a part of a band named Kumbia Kings. He then left the band to pursue a solo career. My friends, sister and I were loyal so we would  attend and show support at all of his events, and volunteered to help at autograph signings. I even remember we would hand out flyers to promote his first solo concerts. We were at nearly every event, and helped in whatever way we could. One of the times that we went to his record label to pick up flyers, I met one of the marketing executives, and that is when it hit me. You can actually get paid to attend events with Pee Wee and to help him with his career. I was mind blown, I couldn’t believe that that was actually somebody’s job. That’s when I knew that I wanted to do the same thing, which is why I studied Marketing in college. My dad tried to convince me to change majors multiple times. He said that it was too hard to get a job in entertainment, that I should pursue something more “secure” like medicine or law.

Today was just a reminder for me that if you set your mind and you work hard, you can have anything you dream of. I attended tonight’s concert as part of my job because I currently work in marketing for a record label. That is literally the job I said I wanted back when I was 14 years old. It’s been a roller coaster ride with incredible experiences, amazing people, but also many sacrifices, and challenges.

With that I remind you to NEVER give up on your dreams. Don’t let people or circumstances tell you you can’t do it because if it is truly what you want, you will not give up and do whatever it takes to accomplish it.


Voy llegando a mi casa de un concierto en un sábado, a las 2 de la mañana. Estoy cansada, pero honestamente estoy muy emocionada como para poder dormir. Es uno de esos momentos donde te sientes tan bendecida. Cuando analizas lo que acabas de vivir, y te sientes tan contenta y agradecida. Esto es lo que siempre había sonado, y lo quiero compartir contigo.

Voy a regresar unos años atrás para para que conozcas un poco más de mi historia. Cuando tenía 14 anos Pee Wee era mi amor platónico, él era parte de una banda llamada Kumbia Kings. El luego se fue de la banda para iniciar su carrera como solista. Mis amigas, hermana y yo éramos fiel seguidoras y lo apoyamos en todos sus eventos, eh íbamos de voluntarias para ayudar en sus firmas de autógrafos. Recuerdo que hasta pasábamos folletos para promocionar sus primeros conciertos como solista. Estábamos en casi todos los eventos, y ayudábamos en todo lo que podíamos. Una de las veces que fuimos a su disquera para recoger folletos, conocí a uno de los ejecutivos de marketing. Fue cuando me di cuenta que en realidad te pueden pagar para estar en eventos con Pee Wee y ayudarlo con su carrera. No lo podía creer que ese era el trabajo de alguien. Fue cuando supe que quería hacer lo mismo, y es por eso que decidí estudiar marketing en la universidad. Mi papa me trato de convencer muchas veces para que cambiara de carrera. Me decía que era demasiado difícil conseguir trabajo en el entretenimiento, que mejor debería buscar algo más “seguro” como medicina o leyes.

La experiencia de esta noche me recordó que si te propones algo y luchas por eso, puedes tener todo lo que sueñes. Fui al concierto como parte de mi trabajo porque actualmente estoy trabajando en marketing para una disquera. Este literalmente es el trabajo que había dicho que quería cuando tenia 14 años. Ha sido un camino con experiencias increíbles, personas maravillosas, pero también con muchos sacrificios y obstáculos.

Con eso te recuerdo que NUNCA te rindas! Sigue tus sueños y no dejes que nada ni nadie te diga que no puedes, por que si en realidad es lo que quieres, no te rendirás y harás todo lo que sea necesario para poder lograrlo.

32 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True

    1. Thank you so much!!! Just love being able to open up and share my story. The fact that is considered inspirational is beyond rewarding. Thank you!!

  1. Inspirational, It’s people like you that we need more of. Congrats on everything you do to help others, you’re devotion to what and who you want to be in this world is amazing. A true role model.

    1. Wow Armando your words are so beautiful, thank you so much! Just trying to make a positive difference, and your words are truly encouraging and motivating. THANK YOU once again 🙂

  2. Congratulations, y aunque haz logrado muchas cosas, this is just the beginning, vas a llegar mucho más lejos!

  3. Thanks, Cindy your blog is really inspirational. I am a Marketing major and my dream is to work in the music industry is there any tips or advice you can give me.

    1. Hi Laura!! Thank you so much for your message. Of course, I am happy to give you advice 🙂 You have to make sure it is something you truly love, are passionate about, and are pursuing it for the right reasons. I can guarantee you that it is NOT going to be easy. It will require a lot of hard work and sacrifices, but is definitely worth it! Work hard and never give up, take all of the right opportunities, regardless of their monetary value, mainly to build yourself and your resume up.

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