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It’s 8pm on a Saturday night, and I’m in my pj’s not wanting to do anything other than be home and sleep. I feel so tired, and honestly, barely have enough energy to write this blog. The exhaustion is much more than physical, it is emotional and mental. My energy feels drained. I’ve been feeling like this for a couple of weeks now. It is not like me to feel like this, nor is this something I typically like to talk about, but this is how I feel, so I think it is important I share with you guys.

I’ve been trying to figure out why I feel like this, and I realize there is not one definite answer, it is a combination of things.

It’s so easy to get caught up with saying yes to everything, and we add more to what we already have going on, which eventually leaves us putting ourselves last. Truth is, our mental and emotional health and stability should always be our priority because without that, nothing we achieve really matters.

Personally, I am making myself much more aware of where my time is being invested with everything from the people I surround myself with, to the things I am saying yes to and the pressure of keeping up with social media posts. Honestly, I think it’s all about finding the right balance; I am still trying to. One day I find myself feeding in to the pressure of posting on social media, saying yes to everything from meeting up with friends to work events, and then the next day I feel tired and overwhelmed. Truth is that sometimes we just need time and space to ourselves. These moments are important to regain our energy because dealing with energy can be so draining. You don’t have to always go out, text back, call back, post on your story or timeline, etc. It is ok to just layback and spend time on YOU.

So that is what I did this weekend. I stayed home and only went out to do things that were for me, and honestly, it felt great! I want to encourage and remind you to give yourself some time. If all you want to do is stay home and not do anything, then do just that. Invest in YOURSELF, it will be a decision you will always thank yourself for.



Son las 8pm en un sábado por la noche, y estoy con mis pijamas sin ganas de hacer nada más que estar en la casa y dormir.  Me siento tan agotada, y apenas tengo la energía para escribir este blog. El cansancio es mucho más que físico, es emocional y mental. Ya tengo algunas semanas sintiéndome de esta manera. No es típico que me sienta así, ni mucho menos que hable de esto, pero pues así me siento, y pienso que es importante que lo comparta con ustedes.

He estado tratando de entender porque me siento de esta manera, y me doy cuenta que no hay una sola respuesta, es una combinación de cosas.

Es tan fácil el decir sí a todo, y añadimos más a las agendas que ya tenemos y eventualmente nos dejamos a nosotros mismos al final. La verdad es que nuestra salud mental y emocional siempre deben ser nuestra prioridad porque sin eso, nada de lo que logremos importará mucho.

Personalmente estoy tratando de ser más consiente de en donde invierto mi tiempo en todos los aspectos desde las personas con las que me rodeo. Honestamente pienso que la respuesta está en encontrar un balance; yo aún estoy intentando hacerlo. Un día caigo en la presión de las redes sociales, digo que si a todo desde salir con amigos y eventos del trabajo, y luego al otro día me siento cansada y abrumada.  A veces lo que ocupamos es darnos tiempo y espacio a nosotros mismos. Estos momentos son importante para recuperar nuestra energía porque lidiar con energías puede ser demasiado desgastante. No siempre tenemos que decir que si cuando nos inviten a salir, tampoco tenemos que regresar todos los mensajes de texto, las llamadas, etc. Está bien dedicarnos tiempo a nosotros mismos.

¡Así que eso es justo lo que hice este fin de semana, me quedé en casa, y solo salí para hacer cosas que eran para mí, y fue increíble! Los animo a que se den tiempo para ustedes mismos. Si todo lo que tienes ganas de hacer es quedarte en casa sin hacer nada, haz justo eso. Invierte tiempo en TI, será una decisión  que siempre te agradecerás a ti mismo!

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  1. I believe people take Recovery Time for granted. By this I mean just time to relax, alone time or me time. We have to let our body, mind,heart, soul, etc, recover. Time to truly heal or recharge. Whether is work, relationship, gym, life. Isn’t it weird that we invest on everything expect ourself? Especially our mental health. Last year I started going to a Psychologist and it was the best investment I’ve done for myself ever!! It okay to stay home and just “chill” but there are people that make you feel bad if you just to that. I 100% agreed with you that sometimes people get caught up on over sharing on social media specially in relationships. What I mean by this is that if I’m in a relationship , I want her & I to have our own private memories that we will cheerish together. Trying to be someone else is so draining… Have you ever heard of Reiki? That as well help me a lot in my Recovery. Saludos Cindy! OR

    1. Hi Oscar! Thank you so much for your comment! I completely agree, it truly is SOOOO important we invest in ourselves, and take time to re-charge our energy. I have actually never heard of Reiki, but will definitely look into it 🙂 Wish you lots of blessings!!!

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