The Clock is Ticking

I am writing this in my last hour of being 25 years old, and man my feelings/ emotions are all over the place. I am excited, but nervous. Happy, but stressed. I just don’t feel like I am ready to face that reality. The reality of being that much further from “youth.” The reality that the clock is ticking, and as each day passes I will only continue to get older.

As we get older, I feel like every birthday serves almost as a reality check for us to truly evaluate ourselves, and see where we are at in life. We face both internal and societal pressures. Internally, it is a constant battle between saying “YOLO,” going out, having fun, enjoying life, but also feeling the need to be mature and responsible with all of our actions and decisions. One day it feels like we are such bad asses, like we are on top of the world and have accomplished so much, and the next we feel pressured, unfulfilled, unaccomplished; we are not where we had envisioned ourselves to be and we get disappointed. We go from feeling like we know everything and we can accomplish anything we set our minds to, then BOOM, just like that our mood shifts and we realize how much we have yet to learn.

It is a back and forth battle in our minds, and I think social media plays such a big role. It allows us to see the success of others; some our age and some younger and we begin to compare ourselves. We see their success, but not their struggle. We forget that everyone’s’ timing and journey is different. We cannot base ourselves on what we see on social media, and we have to remember that our journey is just as beautiful and important. If we are working hard towards our dreams, we have to have faith that our timing will be perfect. We cannot get caught up with what we still have to accomplish, instead we must remember to focus on how far we have come, at our own pace.  

So as I sit here in my room, the clock is quickly approaching midnight, and although I am still nervous and scared, I feel a little more at ease. I look back and realize that I am happy with where I am at coming into 26. I still have a lot that I want to achieve, goals to meet, and dreams to come true; but I am focusing on the fact that I have come a long way. I have traveled to places I could only dream of, I have been a part of projects that have made history, I have worked with people I look up to and admire, and I feel proud of my journey.

With that, I encourage you to remember that YOUR journey is YOURS, and nobody else’s. You can accomplish anything you want and set your mind to if you are committed, driven, determined, and most importantly, willing to take action. 



Escribo esto en mis ultimaras horas de tener 25 años y la verdad mis sentimientos y emociones están por todos lados. Estoy emocionada, pero nerviosa. Contenta, pero estresada. Simplemente no siento que estoy lista para enfrentar esta realidad. La realidad de estar mucho más lejos de la “juventud.” La realidad que el tiempo avanza, y a lo largo que pasan los días solo se aumentan los años.  

A medida que seguimos creciendo, siento que cada cumpleaños sirve como un momento para analizar nuestra realidad y evaluar donde nos encontramos en nuestras vidas. Enfrentamos presiones internas y sociales. Internamente, es una batalla constante entre decir “me vale,” querer salir, divertirnos, disfrutar de nuestras vidas, pero también sentimos la necesidad de ser maduros y responsables con todas nuestras acciones y decisiones. Un día sentimos que hemos logrado tanto, y al siguiente día nos sentimos presionados, incumplidos, y como que aún nos falta mucho por realizar; no estamos donde nos habíamos imaginado estar y nos decepcionamos. Sentimos que lo sabemos todo y que podemos lograr cualquier cosa que tenemos en mente, y BOOM, así de fácil nuestra mentalidad cambia y nos damos cuenta cuanto nos falta para aprender.       

Es una batalla en nuestra mente y siento que las redes sociales toman un papel muy importante en esto. Nos permite ver el éxito de otros; algunos de nuestra edad y algunos más jóvenes, y comenzamos a compararnos. Vemos sus éxitos, pero no sus luchas. Se nos olvida que los tiempos y el camino de cada quien son diferentes. No nos podemos basar en lo que vemos en las redes sociales, y debemos recordar que nuestro camino también es tan admirable eh importante. Si trabajamos duro hacia nuestros sueños, debemos tener fe que nuestro tiempo será perfecto. Pero no podemos enfocarnos en lo que aún tenemos que lograr, en vez debemos enfocarnos en lo lejos que hemos llegado, y que todo ha sido a su debido tiempo.  

Sigo sentada en mi habitación, y la media noche ya se aproxima; aunque todavía tengo nervios y miedo, me siento un poco más tranquila. Me pongo a analizar hasta donde he llegado y me doy cuenta que estoy contenta de estar justo en donde estoy ahora que cumplo 26 años. Todavía tengo demasiado que quisiera lograr, metas que cumplir, y sueños que hacer realidad. Pero me enfoco en el hecho que he llegado muy lejos. He viajado a lugares con los que siempre había soñado, he sido parte de proyectos que han hecho historia, he trabajado con personas que admiro, y me siento orgullosa de mi camino.  

Con eso, recuerda que TU camino es TUYO, y de nadie más. Tu puedes lograr lo que te propongas y lo que desees si luchas, eres determinado, disciplinado y lo más importante, si tomas acción.   


21 thoughts on “The Clock is Ticking

  1. I have a reminder on my scheduler that says, “There is no such thing as, ‘By now you should have allready done…’ it reminds me that I should not focus on the timeline set forth by others and society. My journey is my own and I should embrace it. This was a powerful post and I can assure you that many of us can relate to these feelings. Keep it up!!

    1. Yes that is exactly it! It can be easy for us to forget that our journey is our own, especially with the pressures from social media. It is not very easy to share these thoughts, but I knew I had to because I know I am not alone

  2. This hit it right on the nose! As I read it I kept thinking, “Wow I’m not the only one”. It’s definitely a struggle with social media potraying the success and never the struggles of those who are at the “top”. As long as we have tunnel vision and a strong circle of support, then we can control our journey. This is definitely keeping me grounded.

    1. Hi Hugo! You are definitely not alone, and I shared my thoughts and feelings because I knew I wasn’t alone either. Social media is a double edge sword, but should mainly serve as motivation and inspiration, as you said, we need to be able to control our own journey. I am SO glad this helped you 😀 Thank you for sharing your message!!

  3. No temas, solo preguntate que son los años?? que es la juventud, quizás parte de esa gran respuesta que ha de darte tu ser interior el astrofísico Stephen Hawking, que crees que te diria?? piensalo. Bendiciones

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